Words of wisdom: have kids

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LOS ANGELES Bruce Willis has some marriage advice for Michael Jackson: "Start having babies."

"Nothing will get you straightened out faster than that," said Willis, father of three and Demi Moore's husband.

The unsolicited suggestion on how to cope with the pressures of a celebrity marriage was offered by Willis recently after confirmation of the Jackson-Lisa Marie Presley nuptials.

Last weekend, Jackson turned his sights on other wedding pursuits. He was best man Saturday at the marriage of his bodyguard Miko Brando, son of Marlon Brando. Jackson waved to onlookers as he climbed out of a van and entered the church through a side entrance. Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson didn't attend.

MOSCOW (AP) Alexander Solzhenitsyn has refused a literature prize from a Russian nationalist organization, saying other candidates need the award more, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported.

The Tolstoy Prize was created in 1992 by members of the nationalist Writers' Union of Russia and the Golos publishing house.

Solzhenitsyn has tried to steer clear of political groups since his return to his native Russia in May after 20 years of exile. But Pyotr Aleshkin, chairman of the prize's jury, said contenders are not judged on their political views.

"Solzhenitsyn is convinced that the other candidates need the prize more than he does," Aleshkin told the newspaper in a story published Tuesday.

Winners of the prize get 10 million rubles ($5,000).

Solzhenitsyn has spoken of establishing a union of Slavic peoples and the need to protect ethnic Russians abroad causes embraced by many nationalists.

NEW YORK Music, Luciano Pavarotti said, should have no boundaries.

The tenor declared a Manhattan subway station manager and two other people winners of an essay contest on opera. As an experiment, Transit Authority employee Matthew Holland is playing operatic music over the public address system at his subway stop near the Metropolitan Opera.

"Why not?" Pavarotti said in Wednesday's Daily News. "In Las Vegas, they play it in the bathrooms. Music should be everywhere."

The contest was sponsored by London records. Pavarotti met Holland and the other winners Monday at a Manhattan restaurant.

The winners received a 20-CD set called "Opera Made Easy" and featuring who else? Pavarotti.

MAPLEWOOD, N.J. Supermodel, actress and fitness adviser Kim Alexis will begin pitching low-fat cheese products next year.

She will star in commercials and make appearances at trade shows and other events as the spokeswoman for Alpine Lace Brands Inc., the Maplewood company said Wednesday.

LOS ANGELES Steven Spielberg says Holocaust survivors have much to tell the world and he wants to help them do it.

The filmmaker formed the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation to videotape their testimony.

"This archive will preserve history as told by the people who lived it, and lived through it," Spielberg said Wednesday in a statement.

Spielberg, who won an Academy Award for direction for the Holocaust epic "Schindler's List," said the foundation will attempt to build on the work of other groups.

The initial repositories for the collection will be the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale University, the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York, the Simon Weisenthal Center in Los Angeles, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and Yad Vashem the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem.

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