University has irresponsible water management


As I walk around Tucson, I notice that the vast majority of homes now have desert landscaping: gravel with cacti and other desert plants. Many of these homes are very attractive, especially when the cacti are in bloom.

One glaring exception is the university. The campus is covered with green lawns and water-hungry plants. I have even seen mist-type sprinklers in use in the middle of a 110 degree weather. This is irresponsible. Water is a valuable commodity in the desert and the amount available is dwindling every year.

At the very least, the amount of grass should be cut back severely. I suppose sports enthuiasts would object to their playing fields being turned into gravel, but does anyone really care about the grass under the giant clothespins along Campbell Avenue? Someone should go around and decide on areas where savings can be made.

The role of an university is supposed to be to teach students and surrounding community. It is time for UA to learn something from the surrounding community.

Joseph E. Laferriere

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