Birks-'n'-Docs : Students talk shoes

By Elizabeth Hill

and Amanda Hunt

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Moving down to feet, there are a few basic shoe styles that can be found on every student. First of all, there are Doc Martens that ever popular clunky shoe and its various incarnations. These new twists on the popular favorite can include a strappy, sexy shoe, mules, and a '90s twist on Mary Janes. Other students favor the ubiquitous gym shoe, or ultra-comfy Birkenstock sandals.

These boots are made for walking. According to Buffalo Exchange knee boots, and chunky shoes are two of their biggest sellers.

However here is where the issue of the long Tucson summer comes in again. Boot-lovers everywhere wish the hot days were over, "Boots are best but they are too hot," said Esprit sandal wearing Denise McMahon, an English senior.

Stacey Nofziger, a history graduate, said she usually can be found in her "Birks," she said she wears them "mostly for comfort." While McMahon openly admitted "I hate Birkenstocks!"

Whatever you pick, make sure it gets you to class on time.

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