ASUA registers students to vote

By Melissa Prentice

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Increasing numbers of UA students are registering to vote this week and student government officials thank the hype surrounding Tuesday's primary election.

As part of the nation-wide Students are Voting Everywhere campaign, the Associated Students of the University of Arizona have pledged to register 13,000 students for November's election.

But as of two weeks ago, only slightly more than 1,000 students had registered through ASUA. Currently, student government members have recruited about 2,500 students to register, said Tom Moring, who is in charge of the grass roots registration effort.

On Wednesday alone, about 550 students registered, said Petri Darby, Arizona Student Association Task Force director.

"The post-primary election hype has been good for the cause. Election results were on the news and radio, and students couldn't help hearing about it," Darby said.

Many students also waited until after the primary to change their address, so they would still be able to vote in the primary, Moring said.

"Many people also want to vote Democrat in this election (because they support candidate Eddie Basha) and thought they should change their registration," Moring said. He also said about 60 people changed their party affiliation Wednesday.

Students can continue to register until Oct. 10, 29 days before the general election, Moring said. Registration forms will be available in the ASUA office, on the UA Mall and outside the Student Union entrance near the Fiddlee Fig, he said.

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