Phoenix, Cobain in anti-fur ads

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES An animal rights group has agreed to change the slogans on an anti-fur ad campaign featuring River Phoenix and Kurt Cobain.

The proposed ads featured photos of Phoenix and Cobain with the headlines: "I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead in Fur," and "You Need Fur Like You Need a Hole in Your Head."

Phoenix, star of "My Own Private Idaho," died last year of a drug overdose.

Cobain, leader of the groundbreaking grunge group Nirvana, committed suicide in April with a shotgun blast to the head. Both were animal rights activists.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said Wednesday that the families of the late celebrities did not approve but would discuss other ideas.

The campaign was conceived by two design students who were fans of Phoenix and Cobain, said PETA spokesman Dan Mathews.

"River and Kurt were both irreverent in life and they thought they might have appreciated these offbeat tributes, especially since it was for the animals," Mathews said.

PETA has grabbed headlines in the past with its "I'd Rather Go Naked Then Wear Fur" ads featuring nude celebrities.

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