Bicyclists and pedestrians are 'stupid'


I have been able to experience this campus as a pedestrian, bicyclist and a vehicle driver, and I am absolutely amazed at the stupidity and total ignorance of the other pedestrians and bicyclists on this campus. Never before have I seen so many people stroll across streets without looking for oncoming bikes, or worse yet, oncoming vehicles. I don't care how much right-of-way you have as a pedestrian, if you are stupid enough to cross the street without at least glancing once in each direction, then you deserve whatever fate deals you. In regards to the bicyclists who don't seem to think that stop signs apply to them, think again! Those signs are there for a reason, unlike those blue signs that have popped up in front of each and every building on this campus (but that's another editorial altogether). The streets around campus aren't the Autobahn so stop bicycling as such! So I conclude by asking my fellow students, a simple question "Do you have a death wish or are you just plain stupid?"

Phil Weaver

Psychology Senior

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