Purpose of delay is to kill scope project


Shane Jimmerfield's letter (August 30) concerning further studies on Mt. Graham displays incredible lack of understanding- or worse.

The immediate issue is the observatory opponents' suit against the federal agencies because they authorized construction of the Large Binocular Telescope at a site with stunted trees where it would have significantly LESS impact on the red squirrel. This surely demonstrates the insincerity of opponents' concern for an endangered species, the protection of which was previously claimed to be their principal goal.

Further study is not being advocated in order to acquire more knowledge but rather to create a reason for delay. And the purpose of delay is to kill the observatory project. In these tactics, if in little else, observatory opponents have remained consistent since 1984.

Jimmerfield's assertion that these studies should take only 90 days is clearly contradicted by statements of opposition leader Robin Silver that they should take at least two years. And it totally ignores the fact that these specific studies have already been carried out independently by the federal agencies; these studies were the basis for the site allocation in the first place.

Shane, why not heed your own advice and stop wasting our money and the court's time on trumped up issues which are intended for one purpose only to stop an observatory project which is already largely constructed, which has no significant negative environmental impact, and which is supported by the overwhelming majority of Arizona citizens.

Nick Woolf

Astronomy Department

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