Nude protester not crazy or deformed


Your article about me (Sept. 20 "Mall protester models birthday suit") was poorly written and makes me look like a crazy, stupid troublemaker. I hope you have the honor and intergrity to publish this letter to set the record straight.

Besides inconsistently spelling my name incorrectly (it's correct in the photo) Wildcat reporter Kelly Canright doesn't mention that after the April 8, 1986 incident where UA police "acted belligerent" and falsely arrested me in front of the UA library for protesting America bombing Libya leader Khadafy's house and killing his adopted daughter, I sued the university and won. Khadafy believes in eliminating money, so too does Cambodia's populist leader Pol Pot who was likewise slandered in America's moneyloving news-media.

The unattributed sentence that Canright quotes from a pamphlet I wrote was the opinion of someone who opposes me. I believe money is the cause of all the problems in the world. It is a form of slavery (Tolstoy says this too). It is unnecessary (there are millions of people employed pushing paper-money) and a stumbling block (Ezekiel 7:19). The "Christian" Bible neglects to tell you that "mammon" is an Aramaic word for money, hence Jesus said,"You can not serve God and Money: you'll either love the one and hate the other." And the "mark" (Greek, Karagma) of the beast, "666" is money look the word up in an unabridged Greek lexicon.

The front-page photo of me shows I have no pubic hair and a very small penis (I'm not deformed). If I was five years old no one would complain about me being naked on the Mall. I'm completely innocent. Public nudity is not indecent unless you act lewd and nude expression, such as dancing or informing people about what Jesus said about nudity, is protected by the First Amendment.

Bruce A. Friedemann

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