Parking editorial deemed repulsive


I read the letter Katie Ziegweid wrote to you and found it to be repulsive. I did not find Ms. Jacobson's editorial on parking to be whiny and snivelling and felt she pointed out parking problems extensively.

My dear Miss Ziegweid, I live out by Old Tucson and while I do have a bus pass and I do use the pass for only in or around the university area, I still have to get here at 6 a.m. to find adequate parking. My usage of the bus pass is strictly for needs during the business day which takes me to areas of Babcock, up and down Speedway and I have used the pass for areas outside the university, so don't give me your story about hiking or walking. I am not in to walking for 20 miles to work and to home 20 miles. Give me a break, if you please. You better get all your facts correct before you start criticizing those of us who have to drive, as well as use the bus pass. We are not whining. We are stating the plain facts.

I find Ms. Jacobson correctly stated the facts. This is not Dallas, Fort Worth, Chicago, Houston or New Orleans. This is Tucson and if the university can find property outside the scope of of its own perimeters, then that is the business of the university. Insofar as parking, when I came to work for the university the rules were not so complex as they are now. You cannot tell me the expense to upkeep the parking garages is as great as you are trying to tell us. Insofar as bikers are concerned, they are rude, uncouth and don't know what the word "polite" is. Stand down on the corner of University Boulevard and Park Avenue at the entrance of the Arizona Museum, you will suddenly get educated my dear.

Viola Furry

Economics Department

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