Sensitivity letter deemed insensitive


Upon reading the letter by Joe Gray in yesterday's Wildcat, I was appalled that anyone would attack a well-written comic such as the September 21 "Plebes" on the basis of insensitivity. Although this strip has harsh undertones, they must be looked at in context. T. Eric Mayhew's portrayal of the elderly is not offensive; he is merely proving a point that today's youth are ignorant and uncaring. The general low mentality of the kid in the strip is evident by his feeble train of thought. It is obvious that Mr. Mayhew's strip does not cross the boundaries of good taste. Rather, it is an informed commentary on the new generation (no pun intended). For those who still consider it offensive keep in mind that a large portion of good humor is based on insensitivity. "The Far Side" has achieved stellar status in the comic world through ridiculing everything known to man.

I would also like to note that Mr. Gray's paragraph about Wednesday's "Plebes" was ill-placed within the context of his letter. It offers no support to his point and is an irrelevant tangent. In addition, Mr. Gray is ruthlessly "insensitive" as he deems Mayhew's comic as having "served no purpose what-so-ever" and having "no humor nor value." Based on these comments, I would like to respond by saying that Mr. Gray has 'no (sense of) humor' and his implications regarding Mr. Mayhew and the editorial staff of Arizona Daily Wildcat have 'no value' and '(serve) no purpose what-so-ever.' On a final note, I commend Mr. Mayhew and the editors of the Wildcat on their reluctance to succumb to a whining public. Thanks for keeping our newspaper interesting.

Dave Coleman

General Biology Sophomore

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