Nicks writes of Garbo

The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA─ Stevie Nicks has often felt that Greta Garbo desire to be alone.

On her latest album, Nicks wrote the song "Greta" just for her.

"I have often thought, maybe I'll just go paint, or maybe I'll go and write that book that everybody wants me to write about my life, or maybe I'll just go do something else really creative for a while, and I have never been able to quite do that," said Nicks, who made her name with Fleetwood Mac.

"So I've always been fascinated to know why. What drove her away?"

The song is on the album "Street Angel."


IRVINE, Calif.─"Schindler's List" writer Thomas Keneally is leaving the faculty of a California university to spend more time in his native Australia.

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