Naked protester defends himself


If everyone was as irrational as UA alumnus Andrya Lewis ("Naked protester's letter is stupid" Sept. 26), God would destroy this planet.Ninety-eight percent of the persons on the UA Mall know I'm a decent person blind, bigoted "Christians" and cops excluded. Nudity is an expressive art "in the eye of the beholder." What was my nudity expressing? It wasn't my intent to shock, alarm, arouse or exhibit myself. When I get naked in public or nature, I feel God and good. I meet a lot of nice people, have a lot of nice thoughts and smile, not frown.

Ms. Lewis, my name was "inconsistantly spelled incorrectly" (Sept. 26). In grammar school, I was taught to use a dictionary or spell a name consistently one way or another. (There is a Bruce Friedman in the Tucson phone book. That is not me. I am not "Friedmann" either.) I didn't sue the university for money, my lawyers did. I sued the UA to uphold the First Amendment right to teach, preach, protest and distribute propaganda on campus. And the "Christian Bible" doesn't translate the word "mammon." Mammon is an Aramic word for money but the priests and Catholic Church would say it means something else because they, like the Pharisees, love money and scoff at the truth (Luke 16).

Ms. Lewis has no standing to complain about my nudity being lewd because she is unreasonable. Arizona's indecent exposure statute states: "A person commits indecent exposure if he or she exposes his or her genitals or anus or she exposes the areola or nipple of her breast or breasts and another person is present and the defendant is reckless about whether such other person, as a reasonable person, would be offended or alarmed by the act" (A.R.S. 13-1402).

Ms Lewis crucified the truth, the Logos-logic of God, the "Word" made flesh (John 1:1). She may gnash her teeth when she finds out the messiah likes to get naked in public especially on the mountaintops and maybe a eunuch or transsexual (Matt 19:12).

Bruce A. Friedemann

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