Cliff-diving article was irresponsible


We are concerned about an article that appeared in Thursday's Wildcat. The article "Thrill-seeking at its Peak" on page 9 discusses the "thrill" of jumping from the cliffs of the Romero Pools and Falls area after hiking to do it from Catalina State Park. The writer states, "The best thing to do is simply look once to make sure there is water at the bottom, take a couple of steps back, and toss yourself out into the air." He suggests this after mentioning that the height is higher than the highest platform dive and the landing area is very small. Nowhere does he mention the consequences of jumping or diving into water that may be very shallow and that may have hidden impediments such as boulders. Even diving into deep enough water from such a height is risky if improperly positioned. Neither does he caution mixing alcohol with such activities (a common practice from our observations as hikers). Every year young adults particularly male are severely injured or die from this "sport." Head injuries and spinal cord injuries from such activities can seriously alter the survivors' quality of life. At the very least each individual must ask him or herself whether the momentary thrill is worth the risk of death or severe lifelong impairment. The picture of a diver on page 5 promoting the article states,"You may survive taking the plunge." One might add "Yes, but at what cost?"

Nancy C. Murphy R.N.

Sherry Santee P.T.

Jim Roder Wheelchair Technician

Center for Disability Related Resources

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