Aspiring naked cartoonist pontificates


I would like to take this opportunity to defend the actions of the naked man. His brave display of his right to free speech demonstrates his strong sense of moral purpose and certainly shows him to be at the forefront of the movement to lift laws against public nudity. Far from being "lewd," as a former letter claimed, the naked man was actually showing a tremendous concern for issues of public decency by his strong stand in the area.

I do wish that he could write funnier cartoons, though. I mean, does he really think that the crap he writes now is funny? The dictionary defines comic as "of or characteristic of comedy; funny." Bearing this is mind, the naked man might better spend his time thinking of good plots, and funny lines, rather than prancing nude around campus. Unless, of course, he does this for the very purpose of getting ideas.

As a cartoonist, I found last week's parking editorial to be very offensive. It was full of badly written, whiny, clearly stated, justifiably, angry, rigorously fallacious arguments. The author clearly did not properly research her facts which were obviously obtained from very reliable sources. If the author of last week's editorial had done her research properly, before spouting off to the Wildcat, she would have found that no amount of research could possibly have led her to a conclusion about the availability information regarding parking lot at the UofA. Last week's editorial was also stupid. There was a misspelled word in Tuesday's Wildcat (in Jon Burstein's column). Considering the rapidly decreasing availability of parking spaces, I may be forced to give up writing my comic strip for good.

Naked naked naked. Cartoon cartoon cartoon. Parking parking parking. My one desire in life is to write a comic strip, whilst nude, in a parking space for which I have no permit.

Kevin Jernigan

Art History/

Biochemistry Junior

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