Police Beat

By Laura Ingalls

Arizona Daily Wildcat

An armed 22-year-old man was arrested Wednesday night after police stopped him for tailgating another vehicle on East Speedway Boulevard.

Police are seeking charges of a prior weapons misconduct warrant, driving on a suspended license and following too close against Harlan Carroll, of the 1400 block of East Fort Lowell Road.

Police reportedly noticed a handgun near Carroll in his truck. Police stopped Carroll in a parking lot south of Speedway. Both officers then trained their guns on Carroll who exited the truck upon request.

Carroll reportedly moved around nervously in the truck while police checked on his driver's license, which alerted police to the gun.


A stereo, cellular telephone and about 12 compact discs were stolen from a car Wednesday parked in the McKale parking garage.

Someone reportedly stole the estimated $750 in property by prying away the molding from the passenger side door to gain access.

The owner told police he locked his car at about 4 p.m. Wednesday and returned about five hours later to find the items gone.


Someone reportedly attempted to steal a container of nitrous oxide either Tuesday or Wednesday from a gas storage area in the 600 block of North Mountain Avenue.

Police found two pieces of metal chain cut with a boltcutter from an interior gate to the gas storage facility. An exterior gate displayed no signs of entry.

A purchasing and stores employee told police there have been three break-ins to the storage area in the last six weeks. Nitrous oxide was taken in at least one of the break-ins.


An unknown male student punched a window Wednesday morning at the Gila Residence Hall computer lab.

The lab monitor told police the man read the sign posted on the door saying it would open 25 minutes later and appeared angry. He then reportedly hit the brick building and then broke the window.

The unknown man fled east along an alley north of the lab, the monitor said.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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