ASA hopes for tuition information

By Joseph Barrios

Arizona Daily Wildcat

University leaders and student representatives will be meeting Wednesday to discuss costs of attendance for Arizona's three state universities next year.

And the Arizona Students Association, a state-wide student lobbying group, has a few issues it would like to bring to attention.

The Campbell Commission will meet Wednesday at 3 p.m. and bring Arizona's three university presidents, three student body presidents and the Arizona Board of Regents together to discuss when and how tuition will be set for the 1995-96 school year. Right now, the regents will set tuition during the spring semester of 1995.

ASA studied a few plans over the summer to manage tuition increases over the next few years, said Sergio Jasso, an ASA student representative and UA student. Under one plan, tuition could not increase more then 4 percent each year. Another plan would allow incoming freshmen to pay the same amount during the first four years in school.

ASA would like tuition information made available to students planning to attend a state university in Fall 1995 as early as possible, Jasso said. He said he wants students to be able to determine how much financial aid they will need.

But more then just the amount of tuition will be discussed.

"We're just getting ourselves organized. Tuition is only a small part of this," said Regent Andy Hurwitz, who serves on the Campbell Commission along with Regents Rudy Campbell and John Munger.

Hurwitz said the commission will not look at tuition rates alone. He said the commission is open to discuss how outside factors, including financial aid and room and board, could figure into setting tuition.

Jasso said he also wants the Board of Regents to consider setting tuition in January 1995 instead of March or April. The formal proposal to the board states that a January setting would give students time to plan for tuition increases and give them a better idea how much financial assistance they need. March 1 is the priority deadline to apply for federal financial aid.

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