GPSC supports upcoming audit


During the recent weeks the ASUA budget has been held up by the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC), mainly over the issue of an annual independent audit. This issue was resolved when ASUA President T.J. Trujillo graciously offered to fund such an audit from his own discretionary budget. The GPSC will split the cost of such an audit, 50-50, with President T.J. Trujillo, which we feel is only fair.

During the process of negotiation and political posturing it may have appeared that ASUA was divided, and we want all students to understand that we are united. All units of ASUA worked in a competent and timely manner to respond to our inquiries and provide us with all of the documentation we requested. Their assistance was beyond the call of duty and has not gone unnoticed. The GPSC strongly desires to continue to work with President Trujillo, the Undergraduate Senate and all members of ASUA to further student issues.

An annual independent audit will occur and is in everyone's best interest. Let the rumor of financial mismanagement at ASUA end. Let the accusations that students cannot manage their own activities stop now. We are subjecting ourselves voluntarily to higher standards than the university as a whole, or any part of it, is held accountable to.

Mitzi Forbes, president, GPSC

Matthew Troth, vice-president, GPSC

Alex Sugiyama, Constitution and Bylaws GPSC Subcommittee chair

Kyle Pennington, BPA representative

Ansel Kanemoto, Finance GPSC Subcommittee chair

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