Alternative band to play at Club Congress

By Noah Lopez

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Club Congress opens its doors for one of alternative rock's lesser known legends.Dave Allen and his solo project The Elastic Purejoy tonight.

The ineffable Allen is a former member of such college rock mainstays as Gang of Four, Shreikback, and Low Pop Suicide, but he has taken a break from the latter to pursue this solo excursion.

The Elastic Purejoy's first album has already garnered wide critical support and contains covers of songs by Sebadoh (the classic break-up tune "Soul & Fire") and the perennially hip Brian Eno ("Stiff"). The album ranges from atmospheric pop to crunching indie noise, and the show should be just as eclectic.

The show is definitely worth checking out, especially since Dave's record company, World Domination, is footing the bill. The show is free, with The Elastic Purejoy scheduled to hit the Club Congress stage at 10:30 p.m. After the Purejoy's set, Club Congo, DJ extraordinaire, will be on hand to spin dance music 'til the early morning.

The Gang of Four's seminal LP "Entertainment" helped Wildcat Music Editor Noah Lopez adjust to high school.

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