New policy may curb drinking at football games

By Scott Allen

Arizona Daily Wildcat

The score is over-whelmingly in favor of Arizona and you decide that the game is boring and New Mexico State doesn't have a chance to win. You want to leave, which you do, but you hear a roar from the crowd and decide you want back in.

"Sorry," says the security guard.

That will be the answer people get starting with tomorrow night's football game at Arizona Stadium against New Mexico State.

"It'll provide for a better atmosphere," UA athletic director Jim Livengood said.

The new no re-entry policy means that any fan leaving Arizona Stadium must purchase an additional ticket to re-enter the game.

Therefore, fans are encouraged to bring all appropriate items for questionable weather conditions or other purposes when they enter the stadium. No one will be allowed to leave and re-enter without a ticket.

The main reason for this new policy, as stated by Livengood and Deputy Police Chief Harry Hueston of UAPD, is to curb the alcohol drinking done by fans at halftime or at any time during home games.

"We need to create an environment that is not as disruptive as it has been in the past," Hueston said.

What he is referring to is when fans would leave during halftime and consume alcohol outside the gates and then return, creating a rambunctious atmosphere.

He maintains that this new policy is not driven by students.

"I don't want students to feel that we are targeting them," Hueston said.

Hueston said many other fans have exhibited disruptive behavior as well.

"This policy is a step in the right direction," he said.

Livengood said that he hasn't seen these problems first-hand because he hasn't been here very long and because this will be his first football season at the UA since leaving Washington State.

"It is my perception that there has been a problem in the past," he said. "We want to provide the best atmos-


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