Wildcat needs to be more Web savvy


Since you have no individual e-mail addresses for context sensitive feedback, i.e. sports feedback to the sports editor, here is my question:

Why is the latest edition of the online Wildcat from July 12? I know we have had numerous copies of the Summer Wildcat since that date and I don't understand why it hasn't been updated since that time. I know full well the process used for putting the data online and it hasn't changed any. Lo Que Pasa uses the same process, yet they have had no difficulty in keeping up to date. Has the changeover of editors not been a smooth one as far as duties related to providing the paper for UAInfo? I know there have been several comments from out of state readers that say they enjoy being able to keep up with the university via the Wildcat when not in town. Without your continued efforts to maintain quality archives of the paper, this cannot continue. I recommend you contact a UA Webmaster and see if you can get the archives up to date.

Earl Spencer

Support Systems Analyst

Arizona Health Sciences Library

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