Asian center focuses attention on new look

By Christina Woo

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Like many students returning to school, the Asian Pacific American Student Center has decided to adopt a new look for the upcoming year.

The center, which serves about 50 to 75 students on a daily basis, has been undergoing renovation since this July.

Cramped quarters, paper stacks and general disarray will no longer be a part of the decor. Instead, open areas, quiet rooms and other office spaces will be incorporated in the center's new layout.

"The setup will be real different, actually," said Cecilia Lou, assistant dean of student affairs at the center. "We have a sort of logical flow of how things will work in there, so there's definitely work areas, quiet areas and then there's some social areas."

The renovations are long overdue, said Lynn Van, a student worker at the center. Van likes the idea that the center will have much more room because "the last two years we've been so cramped."

Lou hopes the renovations will help the center run more smoothly and make the office more efficient as well as a more comfortable place to be.

"It'll help us function much better to help benefit the students, provide resources, and academic counseling," Van said.

Said Lou: "I'm very excited about this. We have such a big population that we try to serve and we have so little space that any improvements are helpful."

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