'Tis the season to lock up bikes

By Michelle Roberts

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Thousands of shiny bicycles will roll onto campus today, the first day of school. Students will ride them to and from classes, zigzagging between buildings and different paths.

Most students will ride and lock their bicycles without any problems. However, if history is any indication, around 400 bicycles will be stolen this year.

During 1994, 399 bicycles were stolen on campus, according to the University of Arizona Police Department 1994 Annual Report. In 1993, 456 were stolen.

To prevent this, UAPD Sgt. Brian Seastone recommends that bike owners use a U-shaped lock to secure their bikes. He also said bikes should be locked to something permanent like cement blocks.

People should report any strange or unusual activity immediately to UAPD, according to Seastone.

"If we don't know about the problem, we can't fix it," he said.

According to Seastone, bikes are often stolen when cable locks are cut or when thieves walk away with bikes that are secured only to themselves.

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