People sense Antichrist in common numbers

People concerned about the rise of the Biblical Antichrist have worried over an almost endless number of leaders and developments. Author Robert Fuller says they include:

Ronald Reagan: His three names each have six letters, producing ''the mark of the beast'' 666. He also recovered from an assassination attempt, and the Antichrist is supposed to appear dead in a parody of Jesus' resurrection.

Susan B. Anthony dollar: Some felt this coin, bearing the image of an atheist feminist, was a plot to destabilize the economy and allow the Antichrist to move in.

Bar codes: These computer-readable codes on packages have been called an attempt to computerize the nation and its citizens, paving the way for a one-world economy controlled by the Antichrist. Numbers in the codes sometimes contain the digits 666, feeding the fears.

ZIP codes: When the Postal Service started using nine-digit ZIP codes, some people linked them to the nine-digit Social Security numbers to get 18 digits - three sixes.

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