Tucson theaters alternate intelligent and light fare

By Andrew Coan

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Lonely Planet

Directed by Chris Wilken, written by Steven Dietz, and starring Tim Janes (Jody) and Scott Coopwood (Carl). Presented by Borderlands Theater at the Pima Community College Center for the Arts Black Box Theater through September 3. Tickets are $10 for general admission, $6 with student i.d. For more information, call 882-7406.

So you're starting another year at the UA, and are wondering what to do for entertainment in Tucson. Well, why not indulge your creative side and see a play at one of Tucson's numerous theaters?

Out of all of the theaters in Tucson, only a few do consistently high quality work. Borderlands Theater is one of these companies.

Borderlands, which is entering it's 10th anniversary season, is ready to show it's stuff again with their latest production "Lonely Planet"

"Lonely Planet" deals with the friendship between a reclusive map shop owner, Jody, and his hyperactive friend Carl. Carl keeps Jody informed of what's going on in the outside world, while Jody stays within the confines of his shop. "Lonely Planet" examines the reaction and interaction of the two, as they deal with life in the age of AIDS.

"I would see it for the information. It's not really an AIDS play, but it does give information on the importance of understanding AIDS," Borderlands intern Lorenzo Joaquin said. "'Lonely Planet' also shows that people can go overboard about AIDS."

"Lonely Planet" has the looks of yet another Borderlands success. So if you want to see an incredibly talented group of actors give their best, then "Lonely Planet" might just be for you.

Peter Pan

Southern Arizona Light Opera Company

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