Students look forward to season openers

By Julie Shiroma

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Even though classes are beginning, it appears that studying is not the only thing on the minds of the UA's incoming freshmen sports are, too.

Of course, it is the more popular sports football and basketball that are generating the greatest interest among the student body.

John Wroldson, a freshman from Tucson, is most interested in basketball and the swim team.

"I plan on attending football games and basketball games but I doubt that it is possible that I will get tickets," Wroldson said.

Another freshman who is looking forward to the sporting events at the university is Eric Sagara. However, his deciding factor of whether he will attend the games is not dependent upon his workload.

He is already experiencing the same problem that most college students can relate to: lack of money.

"I like football, basketball, baseball and soccer and I plan to go when I can afford to," Sagara said.

For Greg Woerner, the football season could not start fast enough.

"I grew up on Arizona sports, especially football," Woener said. "Now when I go to the games, I can feel as if I really belong there cheering with everyone else." However, while most are interested in attending games because of the pure love of the sport, others are hoping to attend the games with other objectives in mind.

Kristen Mattison, a freshman from Washington, said she's interested in the events for the potential social benefits they offer.

"I plan to go to the football games because I heard that's a good way to meet a lot of really interesting people," Mattison said.

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