By Doug Cummings and Noah Lopez

Arizona Daily Wildcat


Director Wayne Wang's meditation on the soul, the emotional thread running through family estrangement and the cathartic power of friendships is a thought-provoking and reflective movie. Based on a story by Paul Auster, the film takes place in contemporary New York and follows five main characters as they interact and find the inspiration to change their thinking. The movie boasts subtle and heartfelt performances by William Hurt, Harvey Keitel and newcomer Harold Perrineau Jr. źD.C.


For an action film progressive enough to have a female lead, especially a female lead who doesn't need assistance from any males, one would expect a little more than your average "Fugitive" rip-off. Sadly, "The Net" is filled with movie cliches, bad acting, and bad decisions by its characters that could have audience members groaning. Sandra Bullock does justice to her role, but as a whole, this is a film worth skipping. źN.L.


Amy Heckerling created one of the most inventive teen comedies of the eighties, "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," before devolving into such Hollywood schlock as "Look Who's Talking." Suffice to say that "Clueless" is not a shining return to form, although it manages to pull off some truly witty scenes, and an overall biting tone and unsympathetic treatment of it's airheaded lead that makes it an overall success.źN.L.

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