'Tenor': '30s style comedy kicks off theater season

By Andrew Coan

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Recognition wise, more people on campus probably know where the Frankiln Building is than know where to find the Theater Arts Department. Well, people it's about time that you find out where Theater Arts is on campus, and why it's a shame that you aren't in the audience rooting for them. The first production of the new season "Lend Me A Tenor" is a perfect way for all theater virgins out there to get involved in seeing first rate theater.

"Lend Me A Tenor" is the comic story of a great opera singer, who on the night of a benefit performance of "Othello" the great opera singer Tito Morelli takes a accidental overdose of tranquilizers. Mixed with the booze he had all day prior to the show, the production staff thinks he's dead. An aspiring young singer named Max takes over, unknown to Morelli who is awake and ready to go onstage. "Lend Me A Tenor" sold out all six performances it had during the summer. Albert Tucci, head of the UA Theater Arts Department, says, "The reviews in the press were excellent this summer, and the word of mouth was also good."

When asked why "Lend Me A Tenor" was so special, and why people should come and see it, Tucci replied, "Well for one thing it's a show that has not been done in this community before. It's special because it's a spoof of the 1930's comedies that were so popular. It does involve a little bit of music, and it's a very well written show. To add to that is the fact that you can see some very strong, young performers play these roles, and to see how well they can do that. And they are in a theater space that is unique. There's no other theater space like that in the whole world."

There is no other theater that is five sided like the Laboratory Theater is The audience is really so close to the actors that it's' as if they are in the hotel room with them. So it's a completley different kind of ambience that you'll have when you see a play in the Lab Theater vs. a proscenium theater like the Mulroney, or a The Arizona Theater Company.

So if you you want to try something new, or even if theater is old hat to you, come see some talented performers make you laugh out loud. It's good for you.

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