Intramural sports

By Amy Schweigert

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the following intramural league sports: flag football, co-rec volleyball, speed soccer and team tennis.

The intramural program at the Student Recreation Center, 1400 E. Sixth St., offers a chance to be involved and some friendly competition between co-eds.

Heather Chamberlain, a general business senior and returning intramural player, said the program offers incoming students a "good opportunity to continue" their athletic interest while having fun.

The intramural sports program consists of league and tournament sports with three levels of play depending on the ability of the participants. The program also hosts special events throughout the year.

Business and economics junior Mike Johnson, another returning player, said he first got involved in the program because he loved sports. Johnson now works as a sports assistant for the program. As an assistant, he is responsible for supervising the officials and checking player eligibility.

The officials of the intramural program are in charge of controlling the games and keeping the participants under control. Sports assistants and officials both earn hourly wages.

If students are unable to sign up before tomorrow, there is no need to worry - the recreation center has sign-ups continuing throughout the year for other sports. For more information, students can visit the recreation center or call 621-4709.

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