Paycheck system outdated, embarrassing


Gee, it seems that the further ahead I get with my education, the more behind this institution of higher learning gets.

I really sympathize with Chris Chavez and his/her most recent paycheck problem. I spent 11 years working for a large bank and when this happened with government checks, small business checks, etc., etc., etc., the payer simply put a stop payment on the lost check and issued a new one the same day.

"Five to ten working days?" What a slap in the face, especially to someone who works and goes to school. I've done that for four years, and would have been a lot less patient if I had been in Chris Chavez's shoes.

Hang in there, soon you'll have a job that will use things like electronic banking, computerized stop-payment requests, and won't involve a second person to witness your signature. UA, shame, shame, shame! How truly embarrassing for you!

Angelica Keller

Music Education Senior

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