Columnist makes conservatives look silly


Since John Keisling began writing his column in the Wildcat, I've been waiting to see just one decent piece of writing. Well, don't anybody hold your breath.

Keisling consistently ignores good research and solid methods of argumentation in favor of trying to be oh-so-clever and sensationalistic.

There are plenty of issues facing the nation which, in my opinion, can be effectively dealt with by Republican policies. I think we're all in agreement that welfare and health care need reform, that we must balance the federal budget, that our schools are in disarray, that we must find a way to protect our borders, stop the narcotic trade and deal with gang violence and crime. These are just the tip of an iceberg of problems that our generation is saddled with. Keisling has not contributed anything valuable toward any discussion of such issues. He drops the ball every time!

Instead, he seems to present only his own far-right rhetoric, and instead of offering productive, reasonable commentary, he creates an atmosphere of further polarization.

As a conservative, I think I can safely say Keisling is a poor spokesman for most conservatives. One would think the only reason the Wildcat keeps him around is to make conservatives look silly, which is about the only thing his commentary does well.

If you really want to do a service to your readers, dump Captain Knee-Jerk and get a competent, well-informed conservative columnist. Offering "balanced opinion" by printing the rantings of a guy like Keisling is an offer we can all live without.

Maury Patrykus

Theatre Arts Senior

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