Police Beat

By Joseph Altman Jr.

Arizona Daily Wildcat

University police arrested a driver early Friday morning and found their blood-alcohol level to be more than twice the legal limit.

The driver was stopped at 2:34 a.m. after an officer saw a vehicle wait at a green light at North Euclid Avenue and East Speedway Boulevard for 10 seconds.

The vehicle then made a wide turn and struck a curb. After stopping the vehicle, officers noticed the driver, James C. Fulkerson, 24, of the 200 block of West Fort Lowell Road, had a "moderate" odor of alcohol on his breath. There was also an open case of beer in the backseat and several empty containers of beer in the front seat of the car.

Fulkerson said he had one beer but was arrested after taking field sobriety tests. While searching Fulkerson, officers noted a large wet area "in his crotch region" where it appeared that he had urinated.

Fulkerson took a breath test, resulting in BAC readings of .203 and .207. He was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a BAC of .10 or above.

Police arrested two people early Saturday morning after they drove the wrong way on a one-way street and then tried to outrun police before running into a sign post.

An officer was watching traffic at East First Street and North Cherry Avenue when a white Buick drove by eastbound on First. First Street is for westbound traffic only.

The car then turned around, and the officer began following the vehicle. The suspect stopped at a light at Cherry and East Speedway Boulevard but then sped up as the officer tried to stop the vehicle.

After a brief chase, the suspect vehicle crashed into a stop sign at East Linden and North Campbell Avenue.

One of them, a 16-year-old boy, was arrested for grand theft auto, fleeing from a law enforcement vehicle, minor operating a vehicle with liquor in the body, and reckless driving. He was taken to Pima County Juvenile Detention.

Four people were arrested at Hillenbrand Pool, 1827 E. Enke Dr., Saturday morning after they were seen diving and swimming there.

An employee reported seeing several people in the pool, even though it was closed. When police arrived, they observed people swimming in the pool before starting to put on their clothes and jump over a wall to get out of the pool area.

Police ordered the subjects to stop. However, some of them ran east and west from the pool. Police caught four subjects, who were subsequently arrested.

During questioning, officers noticed the smell of alcohol on the suspects' breath. Officers also found a beer keg and tap near the pool, although the subjects said they did not know where they came from.

Ryan D. Kaneshiro, 21, of the 1000 block of East Elm Street, was arrested for second degree criminal trespass. Benjamin T. White, 20, and Lucas White, 18, of the 300 block of North Warren Avenue, were arrested for second degree criminal trespass and minor in possession of alcohol.

Jeffrey J. Benson, 18, of the 900 block of East Fourth Street, was arrested for second degree criminal trespass and minor in possession of alcohol. He was also charged with providing false information to law enforcement after he repeatedly told officers he did not drink any alcohol, but then admitted to drinking two beers after he was asked if he would take a breath test.

All four subjects were cited and released at the scene. The beer keg and tap were taken into evidence.

Police Beat is compiled form official University of Arizona Police Department Reports.

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