Naked protester summoned to court for trespassing

Three days after Bruce A. Friedemann, the naked Mall protester who was found innocent Nov. 27 of indecent exposure for stripping naked on the UA Mall Sept. 19, 1994, he was summoned to answer charges of criminal trespass and theft by control.

May 13 Friedemann was arrested for burglarizing the dumpster behind Manzanita Mohave Hall.

The burglary charges were dismissed by Pima County Superior Court Judge Raner Collins Oct. 5.

Tickets available for basketball game

ASUA announced that 508 student-basketball tickets are still available for tonight's game against the University of Montana Grizzlies at McKale Center.

The tickets, provided through the UA Athletic Department and ASUA, cost $4.00 apiece and will be available at the McKale ticket office today at 6:30 p.m.

A pilot program this season to reserve tickets for students has seen little success, with many student-tickets going unsold. Associated Students President Ben Driggs and Associated Athletic Director Butch Henry said they are rethinking this season's plan.

"The policy change was designed to allow true fans an opportunity to attend the games by purchasing tickets the day of the game," Henry told the Wildcat earlier this year. "It is very discouraging to see the lack of ticket sales. We've spent a lot of money advertising and had little response."

Pacheco gets raise, new contract

UA President Manuel Pacheco was given a raise and a new two-year contract following the Nov. 28 Arizona Board of Regents meeting.

The Regents voted to give the three university presidents' and the board's executive director 3.5 percent raises and two-year contracts effective Jan. 1.

Pacheco and Arizona State University President Lattie Coor will receive $165,279 a year. Northern Arizona University President Clara Lovett will receive an annual salary of $137,009, and Regent's Executive Director Frank Besnette will receive $125,808.

The board also approved contracts for University of Arizona men's basketball coach Lute Olson and women's basketball coach Joan Bonvicini.

There was no change to Olson's salary, however, his contract was extended an additional two-years. Olson will now lead the Wildcats to the year 2000.

Olson receives $144,507 annually for coaching and $378,216 for outside work such as public relations and fund-raising activities for the university. Olson is required to disclose all other sources of income to the UA. If Olson were to break his contract he would owe the UA $100,000 and could not coach for another Pacific-10 Conference school through 2000.

The UA can terminate the contract at any time. It would be required to pay Olson $168,040 for each year left on his contract regardless of his employment status.

Bonvicini was granted a two-year contract for April 1995 through April 1997. She will receive an annual salary of $79,846.

Bonuses are paid to Olson and Bonvicini for winning PAC-10 championships and reaching NCAA post-season tournament play.

They are also entitled to one-twelfth of their salary if three-fourths of their players graduate within five years.

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