Graduate adviser student's 'shining gem'


I realize that the Wildcat doesn't have room to print a letter from every student about their favorite instructors. I try to personally tell those who really care about being good educators how much I appreciate them. However, there is one person here at the UA that I feel deserves to be publicly recognized.

When I first came here as an ECE graduate student, the only person in the department who I really knew was the graduate adviser, Mr. Dave Morgan. Unfortunately, he left for greener pastures shortly after my arrival. With no one else to rely upon, I was worried about who would fill this important position.

My concern was unfounded, however. Ms. Barbie Horton, the current ECE graduate adviser, is as fine a person as they come. From the very first day, she has made the concerns of the students her number one priority. With humor and quiet dedication, she has positively impacted the lives of everyone who knows her. I hope her supervisors realize what an outstanding human being and excellent employee they have in Ms. Horton.

Amidst the barren landscape of UA bureaucrats, Ms. Horton is a shining gem of professionalism and caring concern.

J. Sean Keane

Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student

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