New facility to disrupt '96, '97 Mall activities

By Jayda Evans

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A new building will bring the freshmen class of '98 into the heart of campus literally.

The Integrated Instruction Facility, better known as "IIF," was approved at a president's cabinet meeting May 22 to be located under the UA Mall, bridging between the courtyards in front of the Main Library and Education building. The facility will work in conjunction with the Core Curriculum building, off of Park Avenue, to help retain freshmen and ease their transition from high school to college.

"They say as an administrator there are two things you don't want to do twice," said Michael Gottfredson, vice provost of undergraduate programs. "Build buildings and redesign general education. I just happen to be doing both at the same time.

"The project is enormous. You sit back and fantasize about what you would really like and then learn a lot from the people that are helping in putting it together."

The "fantasy" is a possible two story, 85,000 square-foot building underground, said Mark Novak a landscape architect of campus and facilities planning. Novak said the structure will contain multiple facility lecture halls, discussion rooms, and computer resource labs where incoming freshmen can work together.

While most people support this type of facility, they are hesitant of the location of the building, said Novak. In the mist of Homecoming week, the UA Mall is the most recognized part of campus for alumnus making the trip back to Tucson. Digging up the tradition it holds was met with great concern.

"Because of the location of the facility we have made this an open process," Peter Dourlein, an architect with facilities design and construction. "We had many open forums and discussions with the campus and the community. Right now the people who are opposed are

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