Vote liberal fairy tale


I am thoroughly disappointed and offended by your choice in running Jessie Fillerup's Nov. 14 column ("Conservative ideals make bad fairy tale"). Her argument was not only racist, unrealistic, irresponsible and potentially defamatory; it was chiefly unsupported.

She wanted to argue against the GOP proposals to revise the relationship which exists between the federal government and those commonly known as the "welfare queens." As I have stated before, she argues without evidence, and further offers no alternative to the present problem except "Vote liberal."

Her decision not to support her argument reflects a disturbing lack of concern in her own work and a disrespect for her readers. This alone would not merit response or protest had her rhetoric not been laced with such partisan name-calling. In short, I refuse to take her advice to "vote liberal" until she learns the rules of logical argument and cultivates an appreciation of civil debate.

James Bretney

History Senior

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