Police trying to track down stalker

By Michelle Roberts

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Police are searching for a stalker who mutilated a woman's dog and may have stalked at least two other residences on the west side of the UA campus.

Detective Patricia Thibaut of the Tucson Police Department said that during July and August, a woman called police because someone was prowling around her residence at night, tapping on windows and shining a flashlight in.

The department did not realize the individual was a stalker, she said, until the victim reported break-ins, where personal items were rearranged, and her dog was mutilated.

The victim has since moved out of Tucson.

Thibaut said the investigation also uncovered others in the area who also had an individual tap on windows and shine flashlights in, but who failed to report the incidents.

Cheri Smith, spokeswoman for the Pima County Attorney's anonymous crime line, said, "I can't impress upon (the public) enough the importance of making a report."

Thibaut said the department has no description of the suspect, but the suspect is believed to be male.

Smith said the victims have been single women living alone, but there is no distinguishing race or age traits of the victims.

Smith said she is not sure the incidents are related, but because of the area and pattern of flashlights and tapping on the windows, police suspect they might be.

The incidents have occurred in the area between Euclid and Fourth Avenues and Broadway Boulevard and Speedway Boulevard.

Anyone with information about the stalkings can call 88-CRIME.

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