Ms. Fillerup ("Conservative ideals make bad fairy tale," Nov. 14) has lost sight of reality. She also has no clue about conservative, libertarian or objectivist ideals. To vote liberal, as she implores, is to vote for thieves.

In order to feed the welfare queen she mentions, the government must demand more in taxes. Taxes are nothing more than stealing. It does not matter what moral values one has, stealing is wrong. Everyone who works and is therefore "eligible" to pay taxes deserves a lot of credit for their work. In fact, they deserve a tremendous amount of respect. By taxing the workers at the already-inflated rate in existence today, the government is in fact discouraging industriousness. The less a worker can keep as a reward for his hard work, the less of an incentive he has to continue working.

The more money which is taken out of the hands of the workers, the less which can go toward creating effective, constructive and productive jobs. Regardless of whether one puts money in the bank or spends it outright, the money goes into the economy. The latter is obvious, but with the former, the banks do not merely sit on their deposits, but instead give out loans to both individuals and companies. This, in turn, creates jobs.

Another misconception Ms. Fillerup has about Republicans is that they are all rich. This is categorically wrong. We're not rich, yet we both come from conservative families. The same goes for Democrats; not all Democrats are poor. In fact, many of the Democratic politicians are quite well off Ted Kennedy, for example. And in regard to the tax issue, does anyone ever hear Sen. Kennedy jump to offer 50 percent of his wealth to the government so he can pay his "fair share?" No. Another rich liberal is Ted Turner . hmm . has he ever offered millions to the government to help pay its debts?

Republicans, and Libertarians for that matter, are in no way trying to deny anyone compassion. They merely want the government to get off the people's back. Whether that means stopping the government from intrusion into one's life or stopping the government from continually supporting people, the government needs to lay off. The government has absolutely no right to tell anyone what to do or how to live one's life. We all have the capacity to decide what is best for ourselves, and we must assume that responsibility.

Ms. Fillerup also must think everyone is entitled to "free lunches." There are no free lunches in life. Both our families have had members who worked their way through an education. In fact, several have supported other family members along the way. Do not ever tell me it cannot be done. We know several other people who have done or are doing the same thing: working their way through school. We commend these people. They take nothing from anyone; they only use what God gave them their mind and their muscle.

The mind is the motor of the world.

Kris Akre

Chemical Engineering Senior

Patrick McKee

Chemical Engineering Senior

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