Cop in clown suit hauls in 11 fugitives

The Associated Press

PAULSBORO, N.J. Trick or treat! You're under arrest.

Officer Craig Kraemer put a clown suit over his bullet-proof vest Tuesday and went trick or treating in this Philadelphia suburb hauling in 11 people who had skipped out on warrants.

Police Chief Kenneth Ridinger said it was a sweet way to put a dent in the file of 400 outstanding warrants.

''It gets you to the front door, and it leaves the person answering the door unsuspecting,'' Ridinger told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Kraemer said that after calling out ''Trick or treat,'' he would ask whomever answered the door for the person named in the warrant. It worked nearly every time.

Those arrested were pretty upset by the time they reached the police station, said Lt. Tom Sullivan. One faced a firearm theft charge, another was accused of smashing the windows of a car that had a child inside.

Concert in The Cellar

Tucson dance/industrial band Blame Aphrodite will be playing in The Cellar today from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

GPSC wins awards

The UA Graduate and Professional Student Council was named Organization of the Year by the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students Friday.

Kevin Boyer, NAGPS executive director, said the GPSC won the award for taking a leading role in the battle to save financial aid programs.

The 1994-95 GPSC president Mitzi Forbes was one of five national recipients of the NAGPS President's Award.

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