'Swonk' cartoon Catholic-bashing trash


I am writing to you regarding an extremely offensive piece of trash which was printed in the Wildcat''s Mutato section (Nov. 9).

This piece of trash is a comic or should I say, a piece of "Catholic bashing" masquerading as a cartoon, "Swonk" by Chris Cilla and Greg Petix. This just continues a trend which is being set by your newspaper continuous "Catholic bashing."

Trash like this has no business being printed anywhere for any reason. It's not only not funny but it's actually very sick. To make fun of the Pope, the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Sacrament is a total insult to the faith of the Catholics and Christians who read this paper. If this cartoon was offensive to Jews or Mormons it likely would never have been printed, so why print this anti-Catholic trash?

This is not the first time the Wildcat has printed trash like this. There have been Mike Peters cartoons which have been insulting as well. Do you have something against Catholics? To print this as humor is downright degrading and insulting to those in our faith as well as all who respect our faith.

I would hope to see an apology printed but don't expect it because of your past history. I also hope the practice of printing this kind of trash will stop. The Wildcat is better than to stoop this low.

Donald J. Williams

Lead Groundskeeper, UA Grounds Department

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