GOP sanctions some gov't interference


This is in response to the letter, "Voting liberal means voting for 'thieves'" (Nov. 17). Kris Akre and Patrick McKee wrote that: "Republicans, and Libertarians for that matter, are in no way trying to deny anyone compassion. They merely want the government to get off the people's back." Although I agree that the statement is true in regard to Libertarians, I beg to differ where Republicans are concerned.

I don't see the Republican Party calling for an end to the drug war and the trashing of the Fourth Amendment. I don't see the Republican Party being open to the idea of gambling on Native American reservations. Those are just two examples of how the Republican Party is no different from the Democratic Party when it comes to sanctioning government interference in people's private affairs. The only difference between the two parties is in what areas of our private lives they think the government should meddle.

Ted Louis Glenn

Computer Science Graduate Student

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