Basketball hyped, small crowds show


I was under the impression that Tucson was a college basketball town and Wildcat basketball was akin to religion. Lately, this image doesn't seem to be holding water.

Witness the scant crowd at the Red-Blue scrimmage. I believe I heard one TV sportscaster blame "Friends" and "ER" for the poor Thursday night turnout. An equally slim crowd showed up for the exhibition game against the Mexican National team. On television I watched the Wildcats play to a less-than-capacity McKale Center against Long Beach State.

How can this be in light of the ludicrous student ticket policy which makes it appear as if we all have a better chance of snagging a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl? I am from Kansas (one of the long list of programs blessed by the presence of Ben Davis), where 2,000 loyal Jayhawks were locked out of Allen Field House for Midnight Madness because 16,000 plus had already filled the stands. I was disappointed when I learned Arizona doesn't participate in this tradition, but now I know why Coach Olson hasn't jumped on the bandwagon. No one would show up.

Emily Hoffman

Creative Writing Freshman

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