'Wildcat' ignored Student Showcase


Okay, I gave you a week, hoping I would not be disappointed. Now I have to say . I am disappointed.

Did no one on your staff notice the big tent set up in front of the Modern Languages building during Homecoming Weekend? The one with all the posters displaying student research? How about the little side tents with the belly dancer and the various student musical ensembles?

In my opinion, the Student Showcase was one of the highlights of Homecoming Weekend. Hundreds of students displayed their efforts and creativity in a wide range of fields. It was a true joy to see and utterly fascinating.

So what did we hear about this competition from the Wildcat? Nothing. Just a list and lavish description of the floats which won in the Homecoming Parade. Call me old-fashioned I just think the Student Showcase winners reveal more of the academic merit and intellectual spirit of this campus. Is it too late to print their names and accomplishments?

S.D. Ackerman

Religious Studies Senior

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