Police Beat

By Joseph Altman Jr.

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A UA employee who lost her wedding ring at Park Student Center, 615 N. Park Ave., called police Tuesday after employees at the center led her to believe the ring was found but failed to return it.

The woman said she lost the ring at the center Nov. 10 while studying. After she called the Park Center to inquire about the ring, she said employees led her to believe the ring was found, but when she went to pick it up, employees denied having the ring.

Police called an employee at the Park Center's main office. When an officer asked about the ring, the employee did not respond to the question.

Police reports indicated that the employee became "terse" and said they "don't maintain a lost and found department," so they can not be responsible for lost items.

The officer told the employee if someone willfully refused to return the found property, that person would be arrested.

The Delta Tau Delta fraternity house, 1550 N. Vine Ave., was reported vandalized Nov. 19.

The chapter's president reported that the house was in good condition at midnight, Nov. 16. But after returning to the house at 8 a.m. Nov. 18, two windows were broken, a fire extinguisher was discharged in the kitchen, a pool table was written on, and an outside sign was torn apart.

Members of Delta Tau Delta gave police the name of a fraternity that they believe did the damage.

University police arrested a man at Campbell Farms, 4040 N. Campbell Ave., after employees saw him trying to load university property into a van.

Dennis D. Storms, 40, of a general delivery address, was arrested on attempted theft.

Employees at the farm told police they saw two men loading aluminum roofing material into an unfamiliar white van. When the men saw the employees observing them, they took the materials out of the van and left, saying they were "going to Circle K to get a beer."

The van returned minutes before police arrived, this time with three people in it. The driver, Storms, was one of the people at the farm previously, but the passengers had not been seen before.

Police questioned the passengers and released them. Storms was then questioned and arrested, since the employees had seen him loading the property into the van. A records check also confirmed an active warrant from the Pima County Sheriff's Office for disorderly conduct.

Storms was taken to Pima County Jail and booked. Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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