Should expand alternate list for tickets


I am writing in response to the farcical student basketball ticket situation. Last week, we heard how Ben Driggs and his oh-so-wonderful team of advisors in ASUA had spent numerous hours and performed a multitude of surveys devising the best way to allocate basketball tickets to the students. And perhaps the plan to hold back 500 tickets for each game thus making the lottery ever so much harder to win will prove to be the best way forward. Hey, stranger things have happened just look at the Wildcats' fourth quarter comeback!

I thought that the best thing, though, was the handing out of the tickets in the first place. As I heard it, some idiots who had entered the lottery decided that they didn't really want the tickets. The McKale ticket office was so surprised by this that it could not think of what to do, so they sat there twiddling their thumbs until people knocked on the window and asked if they had any season tickets left over. Now I must assume that I was not the only person who entered the lottery and did not get onto the winners or the alternate list, so how about making the alternate list bigger next year? Presumably people who bothered to enter the lottery were, for the most part, interested in buying tickets.

I know, I know, what a crazy idea, a plan that actually accommodates students. And the best news is that the expanding of the alternate list is so simple that even those clever people in the ASUA's think-tank will be able to understand it. After doing a survey, of course!

James Healey

Finance and Business Economics Sophomore

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