Message on ASU scoreboard vulgar


To the Arizona Board of Regents,

I recently attended the football game between the University of Arizona and Arizona State University at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe. I feel that there is a situation that I must bring to your attention.

During the game there was what I would describe as being a degrading and extremely unsportsmanlike display on the message board that is in the south end zone of the stadium. Several times during the game a short animation was shown that depicted a screw being screwed in to the "U" of the UA logo; in effect, saying "Screw You Arizona."

How can this type of vulgar profanity be allowed to be shown on a public display at a state-supported university? I don't think I have ever seen this kind of thing before. What is the purpose of having intercollegiate athletics? I thought that they where supposed to promote healthy competition and spirit between schools. It is one thing for an individual fan or group of fans to use profanity and negative phrases to try and intimidate their opponent, but I find it highly inappropriate for that kind of message to be shown on a public message board at a state-owned and public-supported university stadium. Who paid for that animation to be produced? It doesn't matter who paid for the message board because it is in a public place Sun Devil Stadium. I have no problem with promoting spirit for the home team on these score boards and message boards, that's part of having the "home field advantage."

I urge the regents to look into this situation and pass appropriate rules to stop this highly unsportsmanlike conduct. I also would hope that the Pac-10 would ban this behavior and that the NCAA would do the same.

Randy Young

Media Technician, University of Arizona

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