Hating men won't end society's oppression


I am often tempted to complain about John Keisling's columns, but it has become almost clichÇ. On the other hand, Jessie Fillerup's columns ("Don't overwork delicate men," Nov. 27) have remained relatively unscathed by the UA community. Until now.

How can one who professes her hate for men expect people and society to love, respect, and embrace her views? Like Jessie, I find many parts of our society oppressive to women. However, hating men will not help end such oppression. Even if Fillerup's piece is a satirical one, there are many other witty and satirical ways to properly convince UA students that women are treated unfairly. Mentioning the problems women face with abortion rights, giving the statistics of battered women in both the workplace and in the home, or stating that people in the U.S. government want to remove women's protection laws are more convincing ways to show that women are mistreated than presenting all men as ignorant creatures.

Clearly, not all men deserve such criticism. Instead, it is Fillerup who needs a little critique. The "expert" on men-bashing should take a closer look at her hypocritically weak tactics. How can we expect to advance if we waste valuable time criticizing others' criticism of us? Instead, we need to use our time and our voices to spread information and create awareness that women are capable, wonderful beings who should no longer tolerate the oppression with which the historically binding ideologies and laws of society present us. We must fight for our rights as women. Fighting men only wastes precious time.

Amy Bratskeir

Undeclared Sophomore

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