Writer has bad habit of always claiming victory


John Keisling shows a certain aptitude for politics, but only in the context that he exhibits what has been called "Rule Number One In Politics": no matter what the situation, always claim victory.

What bothers me most is that Keisling is obviously the sort who "bought the hype," so to speak probably all the way back to the notion that Reagan was responsible for the fall of the Soviet Union.

It is wiser, of course, to wait until the score is known and all is said and done. Evidently, wisdom is not your concern; instead, having the phrase "GOP victorious" in headlines apparently is. This is a gutless ploy of persuasion. Likewise, your facts do not support or relate to your conclusions. You must believe that just having those facts present is some sort of appeal to logic (a trait no doubt picked up from Limbaugh).

By ignorantly relating programs, which support our countrymen, to socialism, you feel somehow content in your position against those programs. And what is more, I might remind you, is your "individualism" having run its course results in a situation not unlike the fat pigs squeezing out the small pigs at the feeding trough. Comprende?

Freedom is something we choose every day in many facets of our lives, John. It is not something we elect in November. There is not one true aspect of revolution in last year's elections. Change is presently a catch phrase and hype. Reducing government in "GOP revolutionary" fashion is itself a form of federal pork, catering to big businesses everywhere (not a new concept). Is it better to be ruled by big business or big government? (Note: You have a vote only in government.) The defense budget belittles all other pork-projects combined: no wonder you discount it. The commendable goal of keeping what works and reducing waste is offered only in words, not in practice.

If I sound like a communist to you, John, or perhaps you hear blood gushing from a bleeding heart, then you must read again. I do not stand adamantly against Republicans. Jelly beans sent from Reagan and sitting in the Presidential Box of JFK Theater during his term made sure of that.

You see, Mr. Keisling, I am liberal enough to have conservative friends, but I hate that smug face of yours with a passion!

Karl Bohn

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Senior

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