Logo chosen for Spring Fling '96

By Zach Thomas

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Breaking from past traditions, Spring Fling 1996 unveiled its new poster logo last week, designed by a UA graphic arts student.

Spring Fling staff members challenged an intermediate graphic arts class earlier this year to design the logo. Studio arts junior Brian Marek won the contest

"Past designs haven't had so much color or energy," Marek said. "I want something that will fit in with the general atmosphere of Spring Fling fun."

The design is meant to have a Southwestern feeling and highlight nighttime in the desert.

"Really, it's just about motion," Marek said. "The space around the figure is moving with the figure."

The design will be displayed on everything relating to the April event including posters, billboards, signs and T-shirts.

Marek, a student in Jackson Boelts' intermediate graphic arts class, will continue to work with Spring Fling throughout the year.

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