Should put professor evaluations on Web


In response to the article ("ASUA publishes faculty-evaluation report," Nov. 1) regarding student access to course evaluations:

Although the issue of making the current university-distributed course evaluation available to students hinges upon the decisions of the Faculty Senate and administration, this is really something students can do for themselves.

It would be a (fairly) simple matter to set up a World Wide Web-based course/instructor evaluation form, provided some space could be found on a university web site. Students would then have the option of visiting the page and providing input as to the value of the course. Other students could access this site and check out the opinions offered there prior to scheduling their classes. The administration would still have their data for their use, and students would have their own information source, covering issues of specific importance to us.

A student club could be set up to determine what information students would want from a page like this, establish the site, and provide some PR to make sure the system gets off the ground. It's a winning situation all around, and would be a great example of students' ability to do for themselves what the university is reluctant to do for us.

Kevin Oakes

Communication Junior

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