Mascot names demeaning, ignorant


I would like to respond to the latest rantings of John Keisling concerning the elimination of Native American names in athletics.

First, how do these new names strike you: the Wild Rednecks, the Growling Gringos or the Houston Honkies? Do they sound demeaning, ignorant and just plain stupid? I think we will all agree to that, but you do not see any of those names in the national media concerning athletics? No, you don't. You see the various other names which you listed, depicting Native Americans.

Your rationale about what names would be acceptable and what would not reeks of your white-bred education and cultural awareness. If for one minute you put yourself in the shoes (or maybe you'd say moccasins) of a Native American, you would understand how the "Indian motif" of American athletics is demeaning and accomplishes nothing but continuing the stereotypes that exist in America today.

The elimination of these racial stereotypes is not the solution to all the problems that exist concerning Native American people, but it is a step in the right direction. Native Americans recognize the problems they have and are taking steps toward the right path to get back their cultures. You chose not to see this. I guess ignorance is bliss.

Heather E. Lares

Media Arts Freshman

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